Lab Members

Grade, Name, Research Topic

D3, Yutaro SHIMADA (Japan)

Research Topic:

A study on the economic and environmental compatibility of a ground source heat pump in Bangkok, Thailand

D2, Amin NAZARAHARI (Iran):

Research topic:

Multidimensional approach to estimating fuel poverty in Japan

D1, Anindhita (Indonesia)

Research Topic:

A Critical Analysis On the Consequences of Retirement of Indonesia's Coal-Fired Power Plant Policy to The Government Target Using PESTLE and Multi-Criteria Decision Making Model

D1, Linux FARUNGSANG (Thailand)

Research Topic:

Assessment of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Potential based on Machine Learning and GIS Spatial Analysis in Bangkok, Thailand


MISW 2021 Outstanding Presentation Award

AOTULE 2021 Best Presentation Award

M1, Anisah Andika Fajar (Indonesia)

Research Topic:

Cost-optimal design of Near Zero Energy Building

M1, Rino HIROSE (Japan)

Research Topic:

Estimating the Potential of PV Installation in Non-residential Buildings in Japan


Center for Environmental Information Science - Poster Session in the Student Division, Board Chairman's Award (December 2021)

M1, Sadeer Issa (Jordan)

Research Topic:

Sustainable Management Implications on Social, Environmental, and Economic Sectors

M1, Saksucha SUBMAKUDOM (Thailand)

Research Topic:

Energy System Modelling for Long-term Decarbonization Scenarios in Thailand


YSEALI Academy - Energy Economics and Policy (July 2021)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 2021-22 Mekong-ROK Exchange Year Student Paper Contest (April 2022)

M1, Tomomi OKUTSU (Japan)

Research Topic: Energy Science